INDIA today is more than visible on the commercial world map with many multi-national titans vying to establish a foothold in the Indian markets. Indian business is expanding beyond the borders of the country and it is fast emerging as one of the leaders of the international order.  

In this scenario of the increasing acceptance and quest for global standards, the importance of intellectual property is undeniable.  

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY is an integral and important aspect of the commerce and industry of any nation in the contemporary scenario. Needless to say, its protection is a vital to the trade, commerce and creative endeavour of any society.  

In India today there is a lot of misconception and lack of knowledge about Intellectual Property Rights and their protection.  The Indian entrepreneur is not conscious of the extent and value of these rights and the manner in which to protect them.  Indeed in several cases, he may not even be aware that he possesses a valuable commodity. Similarly there are a number of misconceptions and misgivings all over the world about the protection of IP rights regime in India .  

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